Tours From Fes


Fes is the oldest medina built in Morocco, it was founded by IDRISS II who founded the IDRISSID dynasty at the 8th century and used it as his capital. Fez is divided into three parts : Fez Elbali means (the old Fez) built first and Fez jdid means (new Fez) built by the Merinids in the 13th century and ville nouvelle (new town), this pat was designed during the French protectorate.

Fez was the capital of Morocco for many centuries. The Al Qarawiyyin University was built at the 8the century and considered as the oldest university in the world.

Besides, you can find a lot of Madrasas(koranic schools) from which a lot of Islamic scholars graduated in all sort of sciences.

In the 15th century, the city was a refuge for the Moorish people expelled from Andalucía and Cordoba in Spain, this migration helped to shape the city as we see it today. Thus, Fes is a melting pot for different cultures from the Berber to the Arabian passed by the Moorish cultures all live side by side for many centuries. If you are visiting Fes don’t forget to visit the royal palace of the city and the tanneries to see how the leather product are made. The pottery section is a must see as well to know how they produce all the Ceramic products you see in the shops of Fez and other cities.